Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Baking and Sewing like a mad woman

Well I had a cheesecake wedding cake this past weekend and it went over very well. The bride is a co-worker of mine. I'll post a pic as soon as they get developed.

I'm also sewing up some shopping cart seat covers like I made for Carrie, J Hill, and JS. Carrie wanted one for her MIL and a friend and Mom wants one for a coworker of hers. I'll get some pics of those up when they are finished before I mail them out to them.

We are getting ready to head up to the mountains this weekend to do a little camping with the pups up at our favorite little campground, Mile High Campground. Wonderful views and great place. I'll post some pics of that too when we get back. The girls are looking forward to doing some hiking! And Chuck could use the rest!

Oh and they had the road at our new pad tarred yesterday so they are most likely paving it today. Why do I have to wait so long! I want to move in now and get out of our tiny apartment!

I go today to get my annual "it's too hot for long hair" haircut! I've let it get down to my mid back this winter and now I want it gone and to feel the breeze on the back of my neck!

One last thing...
Carrie and I are working on a wedding present for Leslie. A shark theamed crazy quilt so if you have some shark item to contribute send it on!


At 3:32:00 PM , Blogger Jenn said...

hey!! I just realized you had a blog (duh!!) sorry I didn't check it out sooner!! a shark crazy quilt? that sounds awesome. I will keep an eye out...I still have to scan and send you the apron pattern. I haven't forgotten!! hopefully I will get to it tonight!! sorry it took so long!


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