Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tony and Michele's Wedding

This past weekend we attend Tony and Michele's wedding. Everything was beautiful and Michele's dress was lovely!

I made their wedding cake and groom's cake for them. Check them out
Here's the Wedding Cake and a close up of the top tier.

Tier sizes: (top to bottom) 7"-12"-18"It was a white chocolate cake with a fresh made raspberry and white chocolate filling and a french vanilla buttercream icing. The cake was decorated with tiny key limes, pears, plums, purple grapes, twigs, apple leaves, lime leaves, and hyperbium berries. The cake is sitting on a custom made wooden lazy susan. My father turned it down on his new lathe out of Peruvian walnut to get just the right color. Here's a pic of the lazy susan without the cake.

The groom's cake was a chocolate and vanilla marbled cake with my famous fudge filling. The top tier is an 8" round, cut into a wedge shape to better display Tony's company logo, sitting on top of a 12" square.


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