Friday, January 06, 2006

Five things you may not know about me...

1. Yep I'm still looking for a job, not 100% discouraged yet but really looking forward to getting back to work. Chuck says I need to as well since he thinks I'm spending too much time alone with the dogs. Plus he says I've begun talking to myself and it's disturbing to him.

2. I'm back on the wagon of the South Beach Diet after falling of the wagon over the holidays. It's been really good for me, I lost 12 pounds in the first two weeks and even with the cheating during the holidays I have not gained it back. It's part of my whole refresh myself for this new life change.

3. I'm taking longer daily walks with my dogs each day to not only to get them out and exercised but to help me clear my mind and help me reflect with out the TV, radio. computer, people.

4. I have not sewed for myself in weeks my poor machine must be so lonely. I may have to sew something this weekend just for me. Perhaps those new pot holders I've been meaning to sew since last year.

5. I'm designing a coffee table/ottoman for my livingroom. It will add extra seating, a place for drinks,etc when sitting on the loveseat, and storage since I'm designing it to be deep and on wheels for easy movement. The tray dad made me would be perfect on top of it as a place for drinks to safely rest.


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