Friday, July 08, 2005

OK so many WIP so little time...

I just sat down and listed out the sewing/craft projects I have in progress right now and the list is 23 items long! These are things that need repair, finishing, or are already cut out awaiting time to sew them! I'm going to be doing some major sewing this weekend! Too hot here to do much outside anyways and it looks like we may be getting some rain this weekend from the hurricane too. I'll also be getting the guest room semi presentable for Mikey since he's coming down next weekend week to pick up the Ranger. I leave on Saturday next weekend for a conference in Seattle and will hopefully get to see Vera and Carey since Portland is not too far them there. So I would like to have some of these tops finished to take with me. I'm also going to take some pictures of the items I've sewn so far so I can share them here.

Any ways here is my list of projects to attempt to tackle:
Make a top with the orange knit fabric
Make a beach cover up with the pink knit fabric
Make a top with the brown silk
Make a skirt from the brown striped fabric to go with the orange knit top (Done see above)
Make a skirt from the blue cotton rip stop
Make a khaki skirt from chuck's old shorts.
Make blue purse for blue purse swap
Make purse for knit/sew swap
Make a new brow eyelet wrap skirt
Make an apron from cake fabric
Make an apron from cocktail fabric
Make a camera case for digital camera
Finish drink bag by adding handle
Make Keeta's shopping cart seat cover
Make Carrie's gift shopping cart seat cover
Finish brown stripe shirt
Patch Chuck's shorts
Make a purse out of the green placemat
Finish pillowcase skirt
Finish green paisley skirt
Make shirt from green stripy fabric
Make tan eyelet wrap top
Make a backpack style purse

Whew that's a long list! My goal is to get at least 5 done this weekend.


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