Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Five things you may not know about me

Now for the August installment of this topic...

1] I love the way my husband smells when he's all sweaty.

2] I want to learn how to knit just so I can knit cute sweaters for my pups!

3] I'm looking forward to moving for many reasons but perhaps the most odd reason is my love of organizing and packing! I can't wait to get everything in order and lined up just so, and I'll finally have enough space to do it right!

4] We still have not put our wedding photos in an album and we are going on our fourth anniversary!

5] I worked at Baxter State Park for two summers and I loved it! Check it out in my links list.


At 2:16:00 PM , Blogger Jenn said...

I love reading these types of things about people..I feel I know some blogger friends better then my real friends!
I received my package and thank you so much. I have not had time to post a picture yet but I will. I am going to use the fabric for the first block on my quilt!! thanks so much! I hope you find lots of great projects in the book...

At 4:20:00 PM , Blogger LaSandri said...

LOL same here!! I would say that the first three things apply to me too :)


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