Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A Blue Reversible Bag

I made this bag to swap with a friend for a bag she'll make me. She got her's the other day and mine is on the way here.

I drafted up the pattern myself. Four pockets on the inside, two on the out side, but it is reversible. The blue fabric is a dyed cotton and the tan is a narrow rib cord.

The snake is a "Purse Guard Snake" that protects your stuff from others. See they reach in your purse and scream,"Ahh! A Snake!" He's made of felt with button and glass bead eyes.


At 8:43:00 AM , Blogger Jenn said...

what a great idea! and a great design!

At 1:50:00 PM , Blogger LaSandri said...

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At 12:15:00 AM , Blogger LaSandri said...

allow me to expand on "gorgeous" i love the colors, i love the design, i love love love the tie dye batik fabric :)

At 2:07:00 PM , Blogger HHH said...

Thanks! I like simple uncluttered purses, and lots of pockets to keep everything organized and easy to find!


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