Friday, July 08, 2005

Need a skirt?

I have a friend that asked me to make her a skirt like one I had already made. It is made from a light weight dark brown cotton eyelite. It ties at the left hand side. I lined the back panel for modesty but the two side panels are unlined since they over lap and the lining was not needed. It is unhemmed currently since I was going to hem it to her desired length. She then flaked and does not want it now that it is finished and so here I am with a skirt that is slightly too small for me and no $ for my hard work. So I present it to you in blog land...if anyone would like to trade me for something they have made in return for this item leave me a comment. I'll hem it for you to the length you want or you can do it yourself.

11 inches across the top, wrapped
34 inches across the top, unwrapped
25 inches long, unhemmed
It's really cute and I love my version of this but I don't need two and as I said it's too small for me anyways.


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