Monday, July 11, 2005

My progress this weekend...

Make a top with the orange knit fabric
I got it cut out and about 75% finished, I just need to finish the trim around the neck and then I'll be done!
Make a beach cover up with the pink knit fabric
I can't decide on a style for it yet, so I'm sketching up some ideas this week and will tackle this one when I return from Seattle.
Make a top with the brown silk
Finished! I'll post it as soon as I get a chance to take a pic.
Make a skirt from the brown striped fabric to go with the orange knit top
Finished this one on Friday after work. Worn it out for drinks at Poe's Tavern got some great compliments on it from our server!
Make a skirt from the blue cotton rip stop
Make a khaki skirt from chuck's old shorts
Trying to figure out how best to work this one out. I'll have to shorten the pocket linings since they are soooo long.
Make blue purse for blue purse swap
Just about finished, I don't want to post too many details on this one since I don't want to spoil the surprise for my partner.
Make purse for knit/sew swap
I need about 1/2 a yard more of some of the trim to finish!
Make a new brow eyelet wrap skirt
Make an apron from cake fabric
Got my pattern worked out and made up. Putting this one on hold until after my swaps are finished.
Make an apron from cocktail fabric
same as cake apron.
Make a camera case for digital camera
Pattern drafted and I'm cutting this one out tonight to finish it so my camera can safely go to Seattle with me.
Finish drink bag by adding handle
Done, pics soon
Make Keeta's shopping cart seat cover
Post Seattle project
Make Carrie's gift shopping cart seat cover
Post Seattle project
Finish brown stripe shirt
Trying to finish this one up for Seattle as well, it's cut out and begging to be sewn up this week
Patch Chuck's shorts
Done, those shorts are so tread barren that this may be the last possible patching I can do!
Make a purse out of the green placemat
Trying to figure out the best handle for this guy, it may take some serious thought...
Finish pillowcase skirt
Requires something, a great trim perhaps...hmmm maybe I'll find something great in a shop in Seattle
Finish green paisley skirt
Whoa this is too big and will have to be taken in perhaps with a pair of darts in the back. I didn't use a pattern on this one.
Make shirt from green stripy fabric
Waiting to see if how the pattern for the orange top comes out, I may use the same pattern
Make tan eyelet wrap top
Drew is the dimensions for the pattern I'll draft the pattern when I get back
Make a backpack style purse
Searched on line to find just the right shape and working on the interior ideas, I love my current bag but with no interior pockets it's very frustrating when all the things I need fall to the bottom and I have to dig for everything all the time. Has some great interior shots of bags so I'm using those as inspiration for how I want to do the inside of my bag.

So all in all I got 4 projects done and will finish up two more tonight, so I consider this weekend a success. I really consider it a success since I also got my craft area all cleaned up and all my fabric re organized and I realized man I forgot I had this fabric, and what was I planning on doing with it! I'm making up a swatch pad so I can remind myself of the fabric I have so I can be motivated to finish and have it on hand when shopping for thread, and other trims/notions. A big store I found was this great pile of sheer prints I had for making more scarf bags like Nicole's bag. One of them was a black with cherry print that will make a fun bag for summer nights! I hope to have 3 more, other then the ones I'm wrapping up tonight, done before I leave Saturday.


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