Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It was like Christmas!

Today it was so much like Christmas I could hardly believe it! First off check out the post below to see the progress they are making on our new place, secondly I got goodies from two different swaps.

This bag came from highway16 it is a great bag that will leave my hands free for dealing with Lucy and Sally. The hat and scarf came from Sandra. She's a wonderful knitter! She knitted up a tug toy for the girls too. They've been playing with Chuck all evening!


At 4:48:00 PM , Blogger LLH said...

Cute stuff, but one question. Why are you wearing your rings on your right hand??

At 8:24:00 PM , Blogger LaSandri said...

you look so cute in that ear flappy hat that it made it all worth the making it :)

the stuff you sent me was awesome! i just gotta chance to post it on my blog -- i want everyone to see the great stuff

At 2:38:00 AM , Blogger HHH said...

It's a mirror shot, Chuck wasn't home yet and well Lucy and Sally have that whole no thumbs thing going for them, so...


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