Friday, January 06, 2006

Christmas 2005

We had our housewarming just before Christmas and it was a blast. Lance also enjoyed a little post party cuddle with Lucy.

We got our first christmas tree for the house and as per usual Chuck picked a huge tree!

We spent Christmas with Norma and Mamaw this year. The girls were good sports about dressing up to enertain us all. don't they look thrilled?

And then we were off to Mom and Dad's to spend some time with them and todrop the girls off with them so we could head to the Car Care Bowl game and some New Year's festivities in Charlotte. We stayed with B McD (THANKS AGAIN B!) and had a great time there. GO STATE!

Now we are finally home and in the mist of packing up the Christmas decorations here. Wish me luck in the job search!


At 11:04:00 PM , Blogger LaSandri said...

hey lucy and sally have the same hats as rusty does!!! you guys look like you had a great time :)


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