Thursday, November 09, 2006

5 Things for November

1-I'm one lucky girl! I got my new sewing machine for my birthday (Last month) thanks to Chuck and the parents. It's a Huskystar C20 and I've been sewing up a storm with my new toy! I'll be posting pics of it and some of my recent finished projects.

2-Chuck and I went to HC in Raleigh last weekend, it was fun, too bad we lost.

3-With my new machine comes other new toys! I got a walking foot and sewing will never be the same! Bring on the knits and stretch fabrics now baby. No more cursing out my machine everytime I stich up something stretching or multi layered! If you don't have one I highly recommend 'em!

4-I went as a geisha for halloween and sewed it all up on my own on the new toy. Evan added a fancy stitch to the cuffs and the sash. Chuck went as a pimp and I finished off his purchased outfit with a flash chain and pimp cup to match.

5-I can know knit and purl with the best! Knitting is so easy to me now that I'm ready to take on something more challenging then scarves and such. On to a light weight shell for spring. Since it will be spring by the time I can get to it! I have so much knitting and sewing for chrismas presents that I may not see outside my craft room until we leave for christmas with the folks! Good thing that I'm mostly knitting this year since it can be done in the car while we drive around to football games, thanksgiving and such.

I promise to post pics tomorrow night. Too busy lately to do much blogging, etc.


At 6:18:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Angie, and I just got a Huskystar c20 too!!!! I was looking it up to see if I got a good deal or not (I've never sewn before) and your blog popped up about it. I've never written on any blog before, and now my husband is laughing at me because I got so excited over seeing that someone else just got the same sewing machine I got and is as excited about it as I am. Sorry for the intrusion into your webworld, but I couldn't resist.

At 6:15:00 PM , Blogger LLH said...

You're way past due on posting the pics hun...not to mention December's 5 List. Come on slacker!!!


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