Wednesday, August 09, 2006

5 things you may not know about featuring August!

1-Chuck worked his little finger to the bone installing an extension to the tiny concrete pad at the back door. Now the girls and I have plenty of room getting in and out for those potty breaks!

2- Who says it's un-lady like to drink from the beer pitcher at a wedding, I say as long as you keep you pinky up and your legs crossed, go for it! By the way congrats to Andy and Wendy.

3-My knitting has so improved that I have decided to sew up a needle case to keep everything organized...I think I'll use some of the turtle fabric I used to make lasandri's bag.

4-I am in the process of pulling out a few things that I don't need anymore and will list it on eBay, and if it does out sell it's off to Mom's rummage sale later next month.

5-I will be wearing pig tails for the first time in years! In honor of tummy's farewell hoedown I'll be donning a cowboy hat, pigtails, cowboy boots and my favorite find, the perfect t-shirt!


At 5:23:00 AM , Blogger LLH said...

It's about time you get back on here freak! BTW, I want to see pics of the pigtails, cowboy hat getup.


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