Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm back and promise that I'll be posting more often

OK so now that I am employed and have settled in to the house and the new job I have decided to spend more time for my self by doing the following:
-Keep up with my blog
-Finish my sewing projects, they are too numerous to list and my sister keeps adding to it! But I have a few pieces of fabric perfect for some great aprons so I'm going to do those first.
-Expand out of my simple scarf knitting into more advanced projects, lasandri is such an inspirational push for this!
-Finally finish up my craft room/home office, It's been set up in semi-functioning state for awhile now and I want it finished. That means paint, shelves, curtains and all the little touches. Since Chuck had just finished with his truck lifting and new rims/tires I'm due for the perfect space.


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