Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Isn't it werid...

Isn't is werid what will set you off on a crying fit? I was re organizing our camping equiptment now that the camping season for us is over it was time to pack it up until next year so I pulled out an my old plastic trunk and went through some of my old gear that really has not seen the light of day since I packed it up post-Maine and what do I find?

Bet you can't guess that it is so I'll tell you. That is the top of my large backpack, the one I only use for long week trips. the top is removeable and can be used as a large fanny pack. See that fuzzy stuff on it? That would be hair, cat hair to be more exact. Yep that's Lewy's hair. I nearly burst into tears...

Amazing what can bring back a flood of memories...
RIP my dear fuzzy face. You and your gum rubbing, old-fat-man sitting, door knocking, pillow hogging self are greatly missed.

Why I have been MIA lately...

First off, I was working out of town so much with my last job that I was hardly ever home so home time was spent catching up with the hubby and the four legged kids. Now that I'm not with that company and will be starting with a new company soon that is local only work so no more traveling! So that's good for Me the hubby and the pups.

Secondly, Miss Sally our sweetie pie red dog was a very sick pup. She went through a lot of vet issues and is finally 100% all better. Yep about 6 months and over $5,000 in vet bills later and she's tip top shape.

Thirdly, Carrie had the twins and they have had a few issues and since I was unemployed I was able to head up to Boone and help her out.

Forthly and lastly, I have been really getting into my sewing. I love making things for my neices and nefews. I'm also sewing lots of clothes for myself and have taken on some sewing and embrodery projects to help fund my sewing projects. I'm also making a point to plow throught these WIPs so I can clear out some of these projects that are half done and use up my stash so I can make room for more!!!!

Lambkin for Rachel

In the process of making all these gifts for Lena I decided that her Mommy would like a little gift just for her and this vintage fabric I had in my stash is perfect for Rachel's personality. I hope she likes her. I was thinking of naming her Olga I don't know why but she looks like an Olga. Les, I'm sure will have a better suggestion!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gifts for Lena

So I've made a good dent in the items I'm making for Tony and Rachel's little boogernose.

Trip to Boone

Labor Day Hiking Trip

OK ok so I have been slack lately so here are some pics to show you what all has been going on lately...

New Year's Miami Vice style.

"What?" Lucy and Sally playing king of the rock hiking in May

"I think I'm a parrot, now give me a cracker!!"

Resting at the water fall.

"What, you didn't want me to take over the blankest and the couch?"