Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Five things you may not know about me...

OK so I'm really late posting this month's installment! The job hunt is very time consuming right now!

So here we go!

1-When I'm sick, like I am now, I crave good chocolate.
2-I'm so excited about Christmas I can't hardly wait to decorate up the house. I've spent the day deciding what decorations would go where.
3-I'm watching a movie I have not seen in a million years, Heavy Metal. Cheesy movies are my weakness! God bless Starz!
4-I'm getting so cabin feverish that I actually baked homemade dog biscuits today! Yeah might be time for a new job!
5-I have this grey wool sweater that my husband bought me that is so soft and cuddly that it always makes me feel warm and cozy. Like getting a Chuck hug whenever I wear it.


So we headed up to my Mom and Dad's place for Thanksgiving I joined everyone there, a full house! Leslie and her hubby Jay were there with the boys, Travis and Deacon. Carrie and Casey with Baby Reagan. Grammie rode down with Aunt Joyce and Uncle Jim. Of course Chuck and I were there with the girls. Lucy and Sally were trained on their new transmitter collars and did very well.

We went to the NC State game on Saturday and had a blast. I even ran into my old roommate Courtney.

Oh and Chuck and Mikey are in charge of planning this years SKIJI it's the 10th annual trip so please join us for this momentous occasion! I'll be designing up a new t-shirt for the event and will have the link for purchasing up soon! Proceeds from the t-shit sales will be donated FIJI! Hope to see you there! Leave a comment here or email Mikey or Chucky for additional information!