Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Recent obsession

Lately I've been eyeing some of those retro/vintage table linens and kitchen linens and I would like to have some. I think some great tea towels in blues and greens would be great for my kitchen in the new place and I'm on the look out for some great table cloths...

I saw these one on eBay and they are so great!

I'm also on the look out for retro/vintage Holly themed holiday liniens like this or similar...
Mostfavorite one I've seen for Christmas:

Thanks for letting me ramble. I guess I'll have to start hitting my local yards ales and resell shops to find some, but the ones around here are overpriced and don't carry much. If you have something you think I'll like let me know and I can set up a trade or something!

Join the digital crowd...

Well we went and bought ourselves a digital camera. So you'll be seeing more pictures of us and everything else.

We found out that our street name has changed from Harbor Lane to Pine Harbor Lane, evidently there was a conflict.

Chuck's gearing up for his big 3-0 birthday and if your in town we are meeting for drinks with everyone at the Blind Tiger downtown.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tony and Michele's Wedding

This past weekend we attend Tony and Michele's wedding. Everything was beautiful and Michele's dress was lovely!

I made their wedding cake and groom's cake for them. Check them out
Here's the Wedding Cake and a close up of the top tier.

Tier sizes: (top to bottom) 7"-12"-18"It was a white chocolate cake with a fresh made raspberry and white chocolate filling and a french vanilla buttercream icing. The cake was decorated with tiny key limes, pears, plums, purple grapes, twigs, apple leaves, lime leaves, and hyperbium berries. The cake is sitting on a custom made wooden lazy susan. My father turned it down on his new lathe out of Peruvian walnut to get just the right color. Here's a pic of the lazy susan without the cake.

The groom's cake was a chocolate and vanilla marbled cake with my famous fudge filling. The top tier is an 8" round, cut into a wedge shape to better display Tony's company logo, sitting on top of a 12" square.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


These are some cute little bridal treats I made. Each chocolate contains a raspberry fudge filling. The boxes are of my doing too. If I remember correctly I made about 25-30 of these. They looked so cute lined up!

Our little camera hog!

Isn't Lucy just too cute? I'm entering these two pics of her into a contest.

Claire's Quilt

I made this quilt for a friend of mine for her new baby. It's about 27" square. The perfect size for sitting and playing on. I made one for Carrie's Reagan too but I don't have a photo of that one. Perhaps she can take one for me and I'll post it.


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

LOST withdrawal

So I'm going through a little LOST withdrawal already and was doing some surfing and came up with this neat site with some hidden extra stuff on it. Have fun playing on it and the stuff is supposed to change around from day to day as well.

I'm such a loser but since LOST is the first show I've really gotten into since Buffy went off the air! Hey but since I only really watch CSI (to critique their bad laboratory technique) and LOST I don't see too much of a "loser" image haunting me!

If you have not seen this show rent the first season or catch the re-runs on TV before the new season starts. It's really interesting.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Shopping Cat Seat Cover

Here's one of those shopping cart seat covers I've been making lately. This one was for someone that Mom works with...

It's lined on the inside with a super soft Batik flannel and the outside is a fushia denim. It includes a matching flannel blanket that has a loop on it so you can attach it to one of the toy loops and a matching squeaker heart shaped toy with a loop on it too.

This is the included stuff sack bag I made to use for storing the cover. It slings over a shoulder comfortably.

Nicole's Traveling Bag

Nicole is one of our good friends who has recently moved to Germany. In honor of her great trip I sewed up a traveling bag and some traveling gear to make her a Traveling Kit. The kit all fit inside the bag with plenty of extra room for more stuff. The kit included the pictured blanket, eyepatch, book mark (all three made by me) and pen, address book traveling journal, book, tissues, chapstick and some of those premoistened Olay wash cloths for freshening up once you arrive.

What do you think?

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Memorial Day Hiking and Camping in NC

Thought you'd like to see a few pics from the camping trip we took Memorial Day weekend.

We had a great time the girls enjoied the hiking and Sally loved running throught the tall grass! Lucy on the other hand was not a fan of the tall grass, it would throw her off since the grass blocked her view of the trail, so when the grass was in the trail she would step to the side and follow Chuck instead of leading all of us!

The other roll of film has the great views from our camping site so when that gets back I'll post those wonderful views.

Amber's Wedding Cake

Here is that cheesecake wedding cake I did a few weeks ago. It is plain cheesecake with buttercream icing and white chocolate sea shells and brown sugar sand.

Friday, June 03, 2005

We have a street name!

Well we officially have a paved street at our new place and it has a name!

We will be living on Harbor Lane. I know what you are thinking...great another "H". But I love H's and this is just another sign that we are meant to be there.

I'll be getting the pics from this weekend and the weddings back this weekend so I hope to have them up on here before Monday.

Here's a map of the the part of the Peninsula we are going to be in. The portion in the upper left hand corner that has "Future Development" printed on it is were our townhouse will be. There's a pond in the center of that space now and we are on the lower road of that section on the side that backs the wetland towards the already built townhouses.